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Logic Wizard

This blog is an attempt to apply Google's 'search don't sort' concept to the documentation of a field of study. Rather than create documents interlinked in a wiki-style mess, the idea is to have many, many small documents, each of which describes some particular aspect of the field.

Specifically, this blog is an attempt to do what others have done, create a site documenting informal logic and fallacies, useful both for the expert and the novice.

Some entries will consist mainly of a web search on a given concept, with commentary on excerpts from various sites explaining that topic, and links to them. Others may be a simple definition of a term. There is a lot of overlap in the terminology. For instance, many fallacies have an English name, a Latin name, and several subtypes. Using the combination of full-text search and tags, the relationships between concepts may be clearer than a wiki-style reference could be.

Each of the informal logic sites I've found has an index of some kind, and its own categorization for the various fallacies. Rather than make my own categorization, I will tag each fallacy or concept with the attributes that apply to it.